Pics from his lesson today.
May 2, 2007
Sam visited the arena today, for the first time.  He thoroughly enjoyed himself.  He was really
well behaved when I told him it was time to go in.  He stood quietly and let me put his halter on,
then we went back to his paddock with no fuss.  Here are some stills and videos of his first real
May 23, 2007
Sam got his first bath.  He did great, I spent about 20 minutes hosing him off.  Hes still a little touchy
around his hind end but that is dissipating quickly.  Hes also become a real pro at fly spray, we can
spray him now with no halter on.
He had a gelding appointment scheduled for about a week ago, but we had to put it off.  Hes been
feeling a little under the weather since he arrived here.  The vet was out to see Sam a couple weeks
ago and put him on a round of antibiotics, it helped but not as much as it should have.  She was out
again a few days ago and put him back on antibiotics, for a second time.  He has been feeling very
good the last few days and hes really starting to look beautiful, I will have to get some new pictures,
his coat is a great shiny steele grey.  Hes going to make a very flashy sport horse some day, soon.  

May 25, 2007
The vet was out today to check on another horse and thought she would see how Sams doing.  She
thinks hes ready for his gelding appointment.  So we will reschedule.  Not a minute to soon, hes been
getting a little more studdy everyday.

May 30, 2007
Sam is not feeling well again.  Thick yellow mucus, can’t geld him while hes sick, so we must wait a bit

June 7th, 2007
The vet is concerned about Sam's continuing illness.  The anti biotics are not really working to the
degree they should so she would like to try something rather new.  She suggested a new immunity
boosting injection.  The owner, Leeanne has given the go ahead to try it, so Sam received his first
immunity boosting shot, he will get a second in 12 days.

June 19, 2007
Sam received his 2nd immunity boosting shot today.  We are really hoping it does the trick and knocks
out what ever is left of his illness.  Its so frustrating.

Sam is coming along nicely.  He doesn’t mind having fly spray applied, tomorrow he will get a lesson in
fly masks.  He is leading well now.  We can walk around the property.  Hes also learning to move on
the lunge line.  Hes learned to move off pressure, can be driven front & back & in circles, backs up
nicely, comes forward nicely.  Today we began working on walking thru tight spaces, thur barrels,
gates, man made tight spaces, etc.

June 24, 2007
Today Sam had an impromptu standing lesson.  Our routine lately has been to walk around the
property, stop by the tack room at some point in our walk, get a cookie and continue on.  Today when
we stopped at the tack room for a cookie, I ended up having a conversation with Michelle - Jaspers
owner.  We stood there and talked for at least 20 minutes.  Sam did great!  He didn't throw any
tantrums he would just walk in towards me every once and a while to let me know he was bored and
ready to go and I would back up, really it was a very good lesson for him on listening.  He was more
well behaved than a human toddler.   He also stayed very sane when a car drove into the parking lot
just a few feet from him.  He was slightly concerned and turned around to face it, but that was all he
did.  He didn't try to get away from it.  I big accomplishment for a young horse.   I am really proud of

July 8th, 2007
Sam walked over the long wooden bridge today.  He did it like he'd been there and done that
thousands of times before.  He didn't balk in the slightest.  He got a little nervous when we made it to
the other side, but only because all the horses that live on the other side of the bridge, stopped what
they were doing to check out the new arrival.  On the way back to his paddock, we took a stroll thru
the mare motel, into the round pen, along side the paddock with the mare and baby, it was a very
successful session for Sam.  This week we will begin venturing outside the property. The vet was out
last week and gave him a clean bill of health, so his gelding will be scheduled for next week.

July 16, 2007
Today was the day.  Sams a gelding now.  Everything went fantastic, smooth as it can go.  Its about 8
hours post surgery and he looks great.   Pains not to bad and the surgery site looks wonderful, not
much weeping or swelling, and his attitude is good (hes not to upset)  Here are some pics of the

Below left - Dr. Jane Manfredi of Cotati Large Animal Hospital getting ready to put in a catheter.  Below
right - Catheter & drugs in successfully.
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