March 11, 2007
This is a picture of Sammy.  Hes a pmu colt from Canada.  He arrived late in the evening on Sunday .  
He was rescued by his person Leeanne.  Sam seemed pretty traumatized when he finally arrived here
at the ranch.  It took a long time to get him out of the horse trailer.  When he did decide to come out it
was with allot of speed and fear.   I had panels set up leading to the round pen where he would be
staying until he could be handled.  Poor Sam had been removed from his home, his family and just
traveled several days in a huge noisy horse trailer.  To say he was traumatized was really putting it

March 12, 2007
Sam was quite colicky today, but there wasn't much we could do, but hope it wouldn't progress to
anything more than a belly ache.  I talked with the vet, but really there was no point in having anyone
out at this stage, as handling him was impossible at the moment.  Gave him lots of mash and kept
things as quiet as possible.  

March 23, 2007
Sammy has been here for 12 days.  It has taken allot to get him to trust me.  We had a big breakthur
today.  Sam allowed me to put his halter on.  He really does seem to know that I won't hurt him, but he
is so scared that everything takes that much more time & effort.  He handled the halter well.  He was
somewhat uncomfortable having that thing on his head, but after the initial shock wore off, he started
to relax and release.  He stood over his water bucket and yawned for about 5 minutes.  I think
everything else we do from this point forward will be a little easier (at least thats what I am hoping for)

I put a sprinkler out for him.  He thought it was interesting, but he wasn't ready to be brave and play
with water, maybe in a few more days.
April 11, 2007

We moved Sam over the weekend to a new enclosure.  It was time to get him out of the round pen.  It
was probably a bit premature in his training to move him such a distance with just a halter & lead rope,
but all in all it went pretty well.  I had to move him across the property.  He did ok for the first 60 feet or
so, and then he realized that he was moving into unknown territory.  The last stretch took allot of coaxing
and reassurance.  He did manage to keep his wits about him.  He did try to spin away a couple of times,
but if he had really wanted to get away, he would have, hes a big boy.  He tried hard to listen and do the
right thing.   I decided it might be easier for him if he had another horse to follow, so we grabbed Sera. a
rescued TB who lives here and she walked ahead of him toward his new pen.  This worked great, he paid
attention to her instead of all the new scary sights.  We made it to his pen in about 15 minutes, not to bad
for his first long distance leading experience.  

Yesterday, Sam met the vet for the first time.  He wasn't to excited about being examined.  She did a
minimal exam, and then we called it good.  She was going to give him his tetanus vaccine, but Sam was
pretty upset about being handled by someone new, so we decided it would be better for me to vaccinate
him myself when its a little quieter around the ranch.  She left the vaccine and said good luck ;) So
tomorrow or the next day he'll get his first tetanus shot, so that in another 30 days or so, he can officially
become a gelding.  

Hes been a good student.  Hes learned all about taking paste from an oral syringe.  I put some molasses
in the syringe the first few times I showed it to him and its made things nice and easy.  He  practically
begs for it.  
Sam's first few minutes in his new pen.  
I was able to worm Sam today. It went off with out a hitch, in fact I think he even liked the taste of the
wormer. I didn't even have to put a halter on him, just went into his pen, showed him the tube and he
pretty much wormed himself.  Now if I can only teach him how to vaccinate himself too.     
We also worked on backing up today.  Hes a very fast learner.    
Sam received his first shot today.  He handled it very well.  Of course he flinched back two steps when
I put the needle in, but he didn't freak out and he didn't run away.  I was able to easily attach the
syringe and give him his tetanus shot.  3 more weeks and we do it again.  After that he will be ready for
his gelding appointment.  I am really impressed by him.
Sam is coming along so nicely.  Today we practiced walking in and out of his paddock.  He did
fantastic.  Hes also become very proficient at backing up with just a wiggle of the lead.  Hes a few pics
from our session today.
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