Baby Rainbow
Born March 12, 2006 at approx. 2pm.

Mama Llama gave birth today to a healthy girl llama.  The birth itself must have been very
quick.  We had been cleaning out an area near the llama paddock for most of the day, and
didn't notice any unusual activity there.  In fact one of our workers alerted me that something
seemed funny in the llama pen.  I was delighted to find baby Rainbow, but also somewhat
dismayed that I had missed the birth.  Esp. since I had barely taken my eyes off that paddock
in months, but thats how it goes.  
Baby Rainbow hanging out with her mom, trying
to keep warm.  She is a very alert little girl.
Thats me sneaking a peek.  I was hoping for a little girl. Got my wish.
I was trying to dry her off a bit, when she decided she would rather
just wear the towel.  Only minutes old and already a character.
This rainbow showed up right after Tia's baby was born, the name
Rainbow seemed inevitable. It was a really beautiful day today.
March 13, 2006

Our sweet new
baby is doing great.
Vet came out today
and gave her and
momma llama a
checkup, said they
are both very
healthy.  Here she
is in her homemade
baby coat, Its been
very cold and rainy
out, we want her to
be toasty.  In this
pic she is looking at
Oscar the cat.
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