My teaching space has transformed over the last few years from giving traditional
horsemanship and riding lessons to lessons with more of an intuitive bent, to working
with the human and the horse on a spiritual healing level first with riding coming second.

Horses have an absolutely unique way of helping human beings to know themselves at
the deepest level. In my opinion, horses are here to help us heal. They are a gift. They
only ask that we behave how we feel. If they sense that we are fearful, nervous, thinking
about something other than exactly what we are asking of them, then that is what they will
pay attention to, us being nervous/fearful/not fully present, because that is the truth.  
Their language is one of feeling, not of words. This isn't to say that horses can not learn to
ignore feelings, they can, just like so many humans have learned to ignore their own
feelings.  We see these horses who have learned to "tune out" all of the time. They are
usually very dull to cues, they generally appear to be "somewhere else", these are often
the horses who "explode" for no apparent reason, they are generally described as
depressed. The list goes on,  but these few examples give you a good idea of what I am
trying to explain.

To be one with your horse, you must learn to be one with your self first. To act how you
feel. Think about it... people who go to other countries to teach English as a second
language, must also be fluent in the language of the country they will be teaching in. If you
apply this idea to horses, then you must first be fluent in the horses language before you
try to teach them your language.  

So much can be learned about yourself by the interaction you have with a horse.  Many
people miss this gift, by being only focused on getting on and going for a ride.  Don’t’ get
me wrong, I love riding, but it is so much more fun when your horse is truly with you rather
than just working for you.  

Horses help to teach us to own the parts of ourselves that we so often try to disown or to
hide from everyone around us. They mirror what is happening inside of us. This can be a
huge plus in the relationship or a huge disadvantage. It just depends on what the person
wants out of the relationship with their horse. The mirroring our horses do of us, can be
an amazing transformational tool, if we just allow it. But to allow it, often means
vulnerability and emotional honesty on the part of the human.  

The work I do with the human and the horse is a combination of ground work, energy
work, healing & riding.  We work at a pace that is comfortable for both, never sacrificing
one for the other.  It is a mutual journey only.  

The first session begins with talking about your goals, challenges & greatest wishes.  
Then you will learn a few specific energetic tools to help you be as present & comfortable
as possible while working with the horse. Then we progress to working with the horse in a
hands on manner. This usually occurs in the round pen or paddock. What transpires from
there fully depends on the human and the horse. There is no syllabus for this kind of
session/lesson. The goal is an intimate connection that promotes healing for the human
and the horse.  

Through this healing comes better communication and better understanding.  Through
good communication and understanding, we move on to the desired goals, whatever they
may be...riding, training, overcoming fear or anxiety, or working out (perceived bad)
behaviors. This type of session is never just for the horse, its for both partners. The list is

I can work with you and your horse at your location or if you prefer you may work with one
of my horses at my ranch.  

My fee is $75.00 per session.

If you would like to set up a time to come by the ranch and get a feel for what I teach and if
it’s for you,  just give me a call or email me at

Michelle Buegeleisen