The Facilities

  • Large paddocks approximately 50 X 100 – 2  horses to a paddock.
  • 6 private paddocks with shelters - for older, special needs, recovery, etc.
  • Large covered shelters in each paddock   
  • All paddocks fully tree lined.
  • Gravel & rubber mats are used in each paddock.
  • Each paddock has a large area that has been heavily bedded with large wood chips to control mud
    in the heavy traffic areas.  It gives the horses a water/mud free place to stand.
  • Click Here to See Pics of Our Winter Paddocks
  • Free choice salt in each shelter.
  • Rubber matted feeding areas within each paddock
  • Automatic waterer's in each paddock
  • 4 - 12 X 12 Stalls available  in the barn.  Barn has 12 ft. breezeway with cross ties
  • 3 - 12 X 12 Stalls w/ attached 54ft paddocks for retirement or rehab
  • 2 feed rooms for owners feed supplies, grain cans, supplements, etc.
  • Fencing is 5ft lodge poles with 5ft no climb horse fence. (Retirement area is rail and post.)      
  • Slow feed hay feeders in most paddocks
  • We use fly predators to keep the fly population under control.
  • Owners live on site – Your horse will be visually checked a min. of 2 times a day.
  • 70 X 120 all weather arena.
  • 50' round pen with pea gravel footing
  • Beautiful grooming areas, covered by Weeping Willows and Oak trees.
  • Covered wash racks
  • Multiple safe tie ups
  • Wide walkways
  • Rubber matted footing in all grooming areas
  • Electrical outlets conveniently and safely located in main grooming areas.
  • Hoof baths – 10 X 10 covered pens for soaking your horses hooves.
  • Tack room with plenty of saddle and storage space.
  • Restroom
  • Big circular driveway for easy trailer loading and unloading.
  • Trailer parking available/
  • Sturdy tall mounting blocks.
  • Picnic and sitting areas so you can hang out with your horse and friends.
  • Serene creek setting with big beautiful Oak and Willow trees.
  • We are just minutes from local trails
  • The ranch is located down a quiet country road and backs up to a 60 acre wildlife preserve.
December 1,2006 -   Our arena is done!!!!
It has a compact base of  7"crushed rock covered with  3" washed coarse sand.
Click here to see the progress
Our 50' round pen - the footing is pea gravel.
Click here to see pics of the progress
Wide aisle ways, covered in paving gravel, especially nice in the winter time.
Lots of Shade all around the ranch, both for the horses and their people.
The Hoof Spa/Wash Racks - Below Pics
The Tack Room - above pics