My Friend Jenny giving me a ride on
her horse Lil.  I am pretty sure we
were at a 4H show at the S.C. Fair
Thats me on some pony named Thunder.  I was at my
fathers work picnic down in the east bay.  Some girl rode
her pony into the park, I asked If I could ride him and she
let me.  He was a wild little thing.
Check out these cool old photos.  
They are of me riding at
Cloverleaf ranch in Santa Rosa.  I
was 7 years old in the photo to
the left.  The horses name was

I was 9 in the photo below, I can't
remember the name of that horse.
Me and Dru out in the field I used for an arena.

Below is me on my pony Smiley, I out grew him quickly.

Below and to the right is my sister Kristen saddling Smiley up
for a ride.
Me at christmas time.  I got a new
cowboy shirt and I was very very
happy about it.  I wanted my own
horse but that had to wait another
couple of years.
Below and to the left is my little brother Ben riding Smiley and to the
right is was my best friend Jenny.