To the left are
two pictures of
a  horse named
Beauty that
was in my life
for a brief
period of time.
To the left  is a
photo of Me and
my QH Hard Bar
Joe, he was 3 and
a half and I was 17
at the time this
was taken.  It was
at one of the
Friday night
Schooling shows
that they used to
have at the
Sonoma County
Fair grounds.  It
was Joes first
show, he did well.
Above is a photo of my Arab Gelding,
Gran Dru Borr and my best friends horse,
Diamond Lil.  We were getting ready for a
show that morning.

To the left is a photo of me on HB Joe, I
don't remember the details of that show,
except that he was wearing a new bridle
that I spent months saving the money for.
To the left, another
photo of Gran Dru Borr

and below is a photo my
father took of me, from
his car, while I was
riding Dru home after a
show.  We lived about 6
miles away from the
arena, I rode him back
and forth almost daily.