May 2, 2007
Below is a picture of Maude, now renamed Betrys.  She arrived from Canada a few days into March.  Betrys is expecting a foal
sometime in May or June of  2007.   It was a pasture breeding, so only a guess.  
Below is a picture of her teats on May 2.  They are beginning to
fill out a bit.  
May 12, 2007
We have been on baby watch all weekend.  Betrys' person Lou has been camping out here for 2 days so far, hopefully it
won't be to much longer but you never know.  Betyrs had wax on Friday afternoon, and we literally sat and watched her
body change before our eyes, it was pretty interesting to see.  She was really uncomfortable Friday, but by Saturday things
had calmed down allot, and she was pretty happy again.  This morning, Sunday she has a good amount of wax on her teats
and they have increased in size again, a mothers day baby would be cute, fingers crossed.

May 13, 2007
Still no baby, but shes got to be close.  Shes looking pretty miserable now.  Lou, her person has been at her side pretty
much the whole time.  Its not to late for a mothers day baby, we still have a few more hours.

May 16, 2007
Lots of wax today, so maybe soon.  Here are a couple of pics.
Pictures below are from Friday May 10, 2007
May 22, 2007
Its a Filly!!! She was born at 5:10 this morning.  Her name is Dahlia.  Betrys had a little trouble nursing her, so the
vet had to come help, but a little tranquilizer and everythings better now.  Hers some pictures of this mornings
events.  Its Betrys' mom Lou in all of the pictures.
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