Here are pictures of his first trimming.

             His left front hoof-Before Trim                                          His right front hoof-Before Trim
Underside of his front right.  His Heels are
very long, he has sole that has not ex
foliated, its very flared and his bars are laid
over.  It was very hard for him to hold this
hoof up for me.
I wasn't able to do much this trim.  Just take down the heels and wall a little on the left front.  He did
allow me to put his left hoof up on the stand so I could rasp it and give him a bit of a roll around the
edge of the hoof.  I started to clean up his bars but he got antsy, so I moved on to the right hoof.   The
right hoof was and will be quite a challenge.  Its hard for him to put much weight on the left front so I
had to work fast.  I was only able to take a little heel off and start to take down the outside wall length
of his hoof before he'd had enough.  He was just to uncomfortable on the sore leg.  I will work on his
hooves a little every other day or so until they are where they should be.  I think once his hooves are
under control his leg pain will start to decrease a bit.  
March 12, 2006

I am still always amazed at how much the condition of a horses hoof has over the entire well being
of the horse.   I was convinced that I was going to have to give Assurance a pain killer to be able
to finish working on his over grown and out of shape hooves.  I was wrong.  Since I did that little
trim on Assurance last week, he's begun to have an amazing transformation.   The swelling and
pain in his front left fetlock has significantly reduced in just a matter of days.  He is putting full
weight on it right now.  He has also been getting the same joint supplement that I have been
feeding Connie as well as an herbal rub that I put on his swollen fetlock.   I am really excited about
working on his hooves more this coming week.  
April 4th, 2006
Assurance is doing well.  Because of the weather I haven't been able to do much work with him.  I
was able to get all of his hooves trimmed.  Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the process.  I
could only work on his hooves a tiny bit at a time, but they are all a reasonable length and shape
now.  He is fairly comfortable. I look forward to the sun, when it comes back I will be starting some
light round pen work with the big guy.   
May 13th, 2006     -       Today I had to move Assurance so we could build him a new
shelter in his paddock. I moved him next to his TB girlfriends, he was a very happy guy.
Underside of the front left.  His heels and walls
are quite long and in the process of "self
trimming" by chipping.  Of all of his hooves this
one by far looks the best.  Since this is leg that is
sore, its the only one that he doesn't mind holding
      Below Right Picture
     Assurance walking toward me with out discernible pain, his fetlock is looking much
      more normal.  Hes also pretty happy about his new blanket, its been really cold.