November 2008

This is UB.  She is a Dressage Pony.  She came here in late November 2008 for Colic surgery
Recovery.  She had extensive Colic surgery and had been at Davis for quite a while, about a month.  
Her recovery has been slow and steady.  The photo immediately below is from March 2009.  I wish I
had taken some photos right when she arrived, but we were so consumed by her care, it never
entered my mind.  She had allot of digestive issues, as one might expect.  We were fighting diarrhea
on and off for months.
The photo below is from July 2009.  This was UB's first ride since her surgery.  We've been
bringing her back into condition slowly.  It was a quick ride, only a few minutes but she did
fantastic.  UB has been on a regular Hay & mineral balanced diet since April 2009.  She graduated
from soaked hay & wet mash to reg. dry hay in July 2009.
  The transition has gone well.
Below are some images of UB being worked.  Shes come far and is nearing healthy
enough to go home!
June 29, 2010
UB's last ride at the ranch.  She is officially well enough to go live a normal life again.  Shes off to
lake county to live with her little girl Elly who has been so patiently waiting for her to heal.