November 11, 2009

Sugar has been making great progress.  Her metabolism has stabilized over the last few months and she
is now at a very normal safe weight.  Her body did that pretty much on its own.  The change in her
hooves over the last couple of months is dramatic.  The most dramatic change occurred during her last
trim about 2 weeks ago.  When Linda began to trim the hoof, chunks of dead packed sole material began
to fall out.  With all of the material that sloughed during the trim, she got more wall removed than she
normally would have.  Linda trims Sugar very conservatively, trying to make sure she is never sore,
always comfortable but also always progressing.  

So after this trim we weren't sure what to expect, as the angles were changed much more than usual.  
Her hooves looked almost normal.  She walked off pretty sound after her trim, but the next few days she
was a bit sore.  The angle change was dramatic, but she recovered quickly.   Below are some photos two
weeks post trim.  I will see if her person, has any photos of her hooves from the last few years.  It would
be fascinating to see the transformation from the beginning.
January 25, 2010
The photos below were taken on December 28, 2009.  Sugars hooves are changing rapidly now.  The
dead material is still falling away, causing her trims to be more then she is used to, in terms of angle
change.  She had about a week and half of being pretty sore after her trim at the beginning of the
month.  You could pretty clearly see the strain on the ligaments & muscles that she had not been
using fully for some time.  The amazing part occurred after her body relaxed into its new shape.  The
chiro & massage person helped a little with that, and of course, her owner who constantly works on
Sugars tight muscles.   Sugar is getting closer to her original self every day.   Check out how well she
is using her body and placing her hooves.   
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