Sky is a 1992 Registered Mini horse.  He is a rescue with a few issues.  He came to me in mid 2005.  A trimmer I
knew told me about his situation.  He was living in a dog run in the backyard of a suburban home.  His run was
belly deep in mud and manure.  He was severely over weight.  It didn't take long to get his weight, hooves and
teeth in reasonably shape.  

His health has been a little on the decline in the last couple of years.  Nothing dramatic, just stuff you see with
older horses.  
So I began implementing some diet changes, I didn't have huge expectations for Sky, I just figured
that it would be a good thing for him.   
I added EFA's, Vitamin E, balanced the minerals he was getting to the hay
and pasture he was eating.  
The photos below were taken on April 21, 2009.  His dietary changes began that same
The photos  below are all one month later, taken on May 25, 2009.  The changes in Sky have been quite

His coat is coming in darker and shinny.  I suspect as his mineral levels fully come into balance we will see an
even more dramatic change in coat color and texture.  I had hoped he would be able to shed out faster and he
has.  In prior years, he always sheds out eventually, but with each year it takes just a little longer.   His energy
level is better than I have ever seen.   He positively exuberant out in the pasture with his girlfriend Flower.
Then there are the changes that have occurred that I did not foresee.  He has struggled with tender
hooves since he came to me.  He had clearly foundered some years before I met him.  With only the mineral
changes, the tenderness of his hooves has been completely relieved.  I was not expecting this change.  

He has always had mild stomach issues, a little gassy, a little distended, often has his penis dropped, I have
tried all kinds of things to help with this, had the vet look at him several times, no changes.

But, with his dietary changes, the gas has gone, he no longer walks around with his penis dropped and his
belly is amazingly receding.

I have also noticed a sharp reduction in flies around him.  I am really looking forward to the changes I know
he will continue to make over the next few months.

Below is a picture of Flower.  Shes a mini that came to live with me in early 2005.  She was 7 or 8 months old
when she arrived at my ranch.   She had been handled a little before she arrived, but I wouldn't call her
halter broken.  She was a wild little thing, thats what attracted me to her.  When she came off the trailer she
was full of it.  We put her into a temp. paddock we had next to the llama pen.  In between the llama pen and
the temp. paddock was an old cattle feeder left here by the previous owners.  Below and to the right you
can see a picture of the old cattle feeder.    
The pictures don't really show just how little Flower was, she was truly a dink.  With in minutes of putting
her into the temp paddock, she made her escape.  Before I really understood what was happening, she
had jumped into the cattle feeder and hopped out thur the metal slates.  She was free and running thur the
llama pen.  The llamas were horrified.  Flower was in heaven.  She chased the llamas with great
enthusiasm!  Of course I was a mixture of upset that the llamas were being chased and also so amused I
couldn't stop laughing.  I knew this was a great foreshadowing of what I could expect living with Flower.  
We caught her after about an hour and put her back into paddock.