October 8, 2009

Since Shadow is almost an adult now, I felt she should have her own special page on the
website.  To see Shadows first 3 years of life go to
Laylas Story

Shadow is now 3 and half years old.  Up until the last month or so, I have only worked with
Shadow on
the basics.  Shes become a very well mannered little horse.  Today we began
preparing for the saddle.  I don't know what I was expecting, but it went so smooth, I was rather
surprised.  Not because I thought it would be in any way difficult, but because she was so
trusting, that it was simply no problem at all.  

Shadow was born here at my ranch, so I have been with her since about her 2nd hour of life.  
She has never known anything abusive, traumatic or
really even un-pleasant, she only knows
consistency and fairness.   She is always the first at the gate to greet me, she tries anything I
ask, and I know she would
never consider being disrespectful to me.  How do I know this??
Well because, we speak the same language, the language of energy.  Its not about words or
training, its about "feeling".  This isn't to say I haven't communicated my boundaries, I
absolutely have, as any good lead mare would do.  It doesn't take hours, days or months of
repetition to assert a boundary.  It takes just a second of clear, grounded energetic projection

ie communication
, followed up with a clear physical boundary, what ever that may be.  

So today when I placed the pad on her back, she treated it like everything else I have ever
asked her to try.  She looked at it, felt what I was asking, and
then agreed.   I lightly tightened
the cinch and I asked her to walk off.  She walked, trotted and cantered, then we went for a walk
and she had some grass.  She never once became upset or frightened.  I guess I am mostly
used to working with horses who have had no real reason to trust people
.  The information
given to
many of them has been so confusing, counter intuitive and fraught with lack of clarity.  
It takes much longer with them, they need more time to adjust and get back to their roots of
energetic language.   
Shadow has had some skin issues that have presented us with some real
challenges.  The next few pages go into detail about Shadows battle with itchy skin.