August 18, 2009

Rosie arrived at the ranch about a week ago.  She was to be here for a short stay in between foster
homes, but one of our boarders, Mary, feel in love.  So Rosie is here to stay.  Shes an OTTB, that is  26
to 28 years old.  She is tattooed, but her letters are in the recycle category right now.  In other words,
shes quite old.  Shes doesn't appear to have any serious ailments, shes just thin and tired.   She was
originally rescued from the Roseville auction by Safer.   
August 26, 2009
Rosie has settled into her new paddock and shes gaining weight nicely.  She had a dental appointment
on the 24th.  She did well, and the dentist confirmed that she is definitely an old girl.  

Her diet at the moment consists of low sugar hay, as much as she would like.  Her mash is a mixture of
grass pellets, elk grove complete feed, vitamin E, ground flax, pre & probiotic.  
October 2, 2009
Rosie is filling out beautifully.  Her person Mary has been on top of making sure Rosie gets anything
and everything she needs.  Rosie has free run of the ranch when Mary is here, this is a photo of her
enjoying her time wandering around the back paddock area.  Rosie has been getting routine
bodywork, chiro & massage.  She is making great progress.   Her energy level is getting better daily.
October 19, 2009

Rosies health is great, her energy level is really amazing given her age.  Below is a video from
November 13, 2009.  Rosie is the one running circles around the two younger horses and trotting
over the cavaleties.
December 2010
Lifes been quiet and pretty easy for Rosie.  She does on occasion deal with some moonblindness,
but with the vets reccomendations, its not been to much of an issue.   Below are some updated
photos of Rosie & Mary.