November 2009
Shes a teenage OTTB mare, who is due to foal in March 2010.  Her new person, Hope, rescued her with the
help of
TBFriends.  Shes a doll.

Priya came in with horrible hooves, they look like shes struggled with them for many many years.  
According to her records, per the jockey club, she has had 11 births, if that is correct this will be her 12th
and final birth.  

Priya gave birth to a filly in April 2010.  The filly was overdue and huge.  It took Dr. Harlan and the owner to
pull the baby.

In October of 2010, Ravi had surgery for a hernia.  The surgery went get, Dr. Steve Wood at Cotati Large
Animal hospital performed it.  Ravi is great today. Full of energy.