Motion Granted is a 5
year old OTTB mare.  She
was racing as recently as
Jan. 06.  Shes had a
relatively easy
adjustment to life off the
track.  Her biggest issue
right now is food
aggression toward other
horses.  I think this will
resolve in a short amount
of time.  Shes just not
used to sharing her
dinner with anyone else.
Shes a curious horse and very
affectionate.  It took her 3 or 4
days to decide I was ok, but once
she made the decision, that was it.  
She wants lots of attention now.

We have renamed her, Serafina,
we call her Sera for short.
The first time I took Sera out she was very worried.  I decided to see if some body work
might help her relax.  It did the trick, she looks forward to coming out of her paddock now
This is Sera after her bodywork session.  She was practically falling asleep.  
March 8th, 2006

Sera is doing really well.  Shes very responsive and alert.  I have been working with her on
moving away from pressure and she is doing awesome.  She is easily moving her hind quarters,
shoulder and head away from me with just slight pressure from my hand on her body.  She
loves to be petted and hugged, its not unusual for her to bury her head in my arms.  
I trimmed her hooves today for the first time.  She did amazing.  She was a little worried when I
brought out the trimming tools, but I just went really slow, and gave her lots of pats, cookies,
and encouraging words.  Within 10 minutes she was relaxed and letting me do my job.  I have to
say of all the horses I have worked on she was truly the most well behaved.  

Below are some before pictures of her hooves
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