This is a picture of Connie's left Front hoof, before Trimming

Connies hooves haven't been cared for regularly in many years.  From the looks of it, she
was probably trimmed every few months.   

She has allot of chipping, natural trimming, going on.  She has extensive hairline sand
cracks all around her hoof.

Her bars are laid over, but not as bad as I had expected.  Her hoof wall and heels are to
long.  Her frog is also in bad shape, its peeling off.  Its hard to see in the picture but her
heel is somewhat contracted.

I think her hooves are going to respond really well to regular care.  My plan for her right
now is work on her hooves a little bit every week to get them back into good shape.
The pictures below are of Connies Front Left hoof after a little bit of trimming.

I want her to have nothing but a good experience in regards to being trimmed, so I kept the trim
small to begin.  I started by taking down the hoof wall at the quarters and then lowered the heel
height.  I didn't lower the heels as much as I would have liked to because I didn't want to cause to
much of a change to quickly.  She still dealing with arthritis issues and I don't want to aggravate her
body.  I trimmed her bars back a bit. Her white line is stretched and she has an old abscess mark at
the front right of her hoof.  I left her sole completely alone, I didn't remove any material.  After I
removed as much wall as I felt I could this trim, I worked on her mustang roll.  I tried to get a pretty
big roll to help her stretched while line.
Connie and her 2
horse friends,
Lotta and Dreamer,
napping during
the short break
from the rain.
March 12, 2006

Connie's training is moving along nicely.  She is a fairly nervous horse, but once she has her halter on,
she calms down allot.  She is able to focus on the task at hand.  I think she will make someone a great
riding partner, maybe even me, shes a really good size horse and I am a good size rider.  I am really
enjoying her.                                                                                           
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Bottom right - The cracking is more extensive and the heel is more contracted on this hoof.  You can
see in the picture how pinched her heel looks.  This hoof also has allot more flaring of the hoof wall.  
Her white line seems to be stretched to about the same degree as her other hoof.  I took the same
approach to trimming this hoof as I did the other.  I shortened the wall and heels, but not as much as
I would have liked to.  Below is a picture after I started to roll the edge, it began raining hard so I
didn't take a picture of the finished hooves.

top right - is a picture her right front hoof, untrimmed.  Unfortunately I got excited and started
trimming this hoof before taking pictures of the underside.  So the picture to the right is after I
began trimming.