February 2005
LeConsulates aka
Connies,  first day
with us.  There is a 60
acre field behind our
property, thats where
she is looking.  She
spends allot of time
looking out into that
Connie has been
with us several
days now. This is
her first time
outside her
paddock.  I am
getting ready to
groom her and do
some body work
on her.
Connie  enjoyed
her first
session, but I
think her
favorite was the
bodywork.  She
totally relaxed
and let me work
on all of her
body.  Shes a
very sweet girl.
Her front hooves.  Very flared lots of cracks.  But  
underneath  I found a nice surprise, they had
great concavity.
February 20th, 2006
Today I worked with Connie for the first time.  Shes a well behaved girl, she allowed me to touch her all
over her body with no complaint.  She doesn't seem to know much but shes very willing to try anything I
ask.  She enjoyed being groomed and she esp. loved having her body worked on.  Shes got some arthritis
in her hind end and legs.  Her joints are pretty creaky back there, its almost like they talk.  She
appreciated the rubbing, it seemed to help her old body allot.

February 23, 2006
Shes had an upset stomach since she arrived, runny poo. I thought it might resolve by it self but it didn't
so I gave her an herb mixture that I use when my other horses have upset stomachs. It did the trick. This
morning poop looked good and she seemed much more comfortable. When it warmed up outside I saw
her lay down in the sun and take a 10 minute nap. I think it may be the first time since she arrived that she
was comfortable enough to lay down.  

February 25, 2006
Today we had our first training session.  We worked on giving to pressure.  She picked it up quickly, it
only took a few minutes for her to learn to move away from the pressure of my hand.  She moved her hind
end away, her front end away, her head away and she backed up when I touched/pressed her chest.  

February 28, 2006
We had a really nasty storm come thru here the last 24 hours. Poor Connie was miserable. When I went out
to feed yesterday morning she was soaking wet and shivering hard. Sera had kept her out of the shelter
all night.
I decided to try and get a blanket on her. It was interesting, with the rain coming down and the wind
blowing, Connie was not to happy with me when I tried to put the blanket on her. I have to admit it did look
pretty scary. Flapping in the wind and all of the straps whipping about. After about a 10 minute blanket
desensitizing lesson, I was able to get it on her. Poor girl was really tired, I don't think she got a minute of
rest the night before. As soon as the rain lets up, we will be fencing in a new paddock for her. I think she
needs her own space, Seras just to dominate for her to live with comfortably

March 1, 2006
Today I moved Connie into a different paddock. I had to move several horses to make it work.  She was
unhappy living with the younger mare, Sera. The transition went well, she is living next to my 2 older
horses. They all seemed to get along, must be an age thing. Now she can get some rest.
March 3, 2006
It wasn't raining this morning so I thought I would trim Connies hooves.  She handled it very
well.  She was worried and a little cranky when I started on the first hoof, but she realized
very quickly that what I was doing felt pretty good.  She did allot of licking and chewing while
I worked on her hooves.  Licking and chewing is horse body language for "I'm happy and
comfortable".  It started raining hard so I had to forgo working on the back hooves, maybe
tomorrow.  There are some before and after pictures of her front hooves on the second

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Same with her back hooves, flared, cracked,
but great concavity underneath.