Honey had a quiet day today.  I was a little worried by 400 because she still hadn't pooped.  She didn't
seem the least bit uncomfortable, but thats a long time to go with out pooping.  So I told her that I was
getting concerned enough that maybe I should give the vet a call.  As soon as I said it, she walked
over and took a huge poop.  So, no vet.  
Shes really really tired this evening, her eyes are droopy, and her legs are sore.  I am hoping she lays
down and gets some sleep as soon as it gets dark.

September 17, 2007
We completed Honeys new paddock on Friday, so I moved her in.  She seemed right at home, very
content (at first).  During the day the mini horses live in the pasture behind Honeys paddock and at
night the minis go into a stall in the mare motel.  So for the last week Honey has been staying in the
round pen right next door to the mare motel.  I guess Honey grew very fond of the minis and very
used to having them near her at night.  Friday night the minis got moved to their stall as always so
they weren't near Honey.  
Honey was beside herself once the minis were moved.  She was very upset.  Unfortunately I was gone
for the evening and my husband was home watching over things.  He was aware that Honey was upset
but he really couldn't help, he doesn't have enough experience and Honey was thundering around
the paddock, I'm sure it was an intimidating sight.
When I got home Friday night I knew something wasn't right, there was dust everywhere, a very
uncommon sight late at night.  I went straight back to check on Honey, she was still so upset.  I felt
just awful.  I moved the minis back to the pasture for the night.  Honey instantly relaxed.  I stayed out
with her for quite a while.  Gave her some mash.  Made sure nothing bad was going to happen, like
colic.  The minis have been with her since Friday night.  I don't know if they will be able to live
together or not.  Sky the older male mini is strangely aggressive with large horses.  He keeps trying to
attack Honey thru the fence.  Doesn't seem to phase Honey in the slightest, but I am concerned that if
I put them in together, and Sky continued to act that way, she would have no choice but to put him in
his place (and that may really injure Sky given the size difference between the two).  So we will see, I
am going to introduce Honey to Sam, the yearling pmu gelding that lives here.  They could potentially
be a great match.  Sam needs someone to mother and protect him and I think Honey needs someone
to Protect and mother.

Here are some pictures:
September 20, 2007
Honey is still alone, but not for to much longer.  Her QT period will be over soon and I can get a buddy
for her.  As sad as it was seeing her alone, I think it was a somewhat beneficial experience for her.  She
kind of had to rely on me for companionship.  Shes a very friendly girl, but other horses are still her
first choice.  We've been doing lots of work in the round pen, mostly desensitization & pressure games.
She doesn't like my carrot stick, but shes learning to tolerate it.  She'll let me touch her anywhere on
her body with my hands, but not with the carrot stick.   That may take a few more days.
I ordered a new saddle for her today.  Can't wait until it gets here, hope it fits great, if not they have a
good return policy.  I am really looking forward to our first ride.  

September 26, 2007
So I moved Honey "briefly" into another pen today.  I tried her out with AJ, our resident dominant
Morgan horse.  They didn't like each other very much.  I think Honey was actually kind of bummed, AJ's
pretty anti social.  So back to their respective pens they went.  However while visiting the new paddock
she seemed very happy to be next to our other two drafts, Jasper & Sam.  I am thinking I may cut
Assurances paddock in half and put Honey on the other side.  That way shes surrounded by horses,
including the 2 drafts.  

I am still working with Honey on desensitisation, what a job thats turned out to be.  I have to say that I
haven't had a horse in a long time that was this phobic about hoses, carrot sticks & spray bottles.  She
absolutely fears/hates them, so our work continues slowly.  On a more positive note, she crossed our
long wooden bridge several times today with out even blinking.  Shes a lovely girl!

Some pics from her excursion with AJ today.
It all started out good, but then AJ decided he'd had enough herding around.
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