This is Honey.  She is scheduled to arrive at my ranch on Thursday September 6th, 2007.  She is an 8
year old, 16.2 hand, Belgian draft mare.   She will be my personal trail horse and if she is interested
she will help me teach.

It still amazes me how easily things can work out when the time is right.  I first saw Honey on a
Rescue website a little over a year and a half ago.  It was love at first sight.  I so wanted to adopt
Honey, but I had just rescued a total of 4 horses in a very short period of time and I didn't feel I
could support a 5th horse, esp. not one that eats like its 2 horses.  I agonized over my decision.  I
really wanted Honey, but I just couldn't justify another horse no matter how much I liked her.  She
was adopted to a family that I didn't know, but I had heard they would give her a great home.  

Fast forward to August 2007.  I was out giving a lesson on Lotta.  She has been my personal riding
horse and ever faithful friend.  Lotta would do what ever I ask of her, I trust her implicitly.  She is a
very stoic girl so I have to be ever vigilant when it comes to her demeanor.  And that day she told
me she needs a change.  Shes growing weary of giving lessons, she doesn't want to stop all
together, but a lighter load would make her very happy.  So I start thinking I need to keep my eyes
open for the perfect lesson horse.  A horse thats big enough for me and that enjoys trail riding.  

Sure enough a couple of days later I am looking at my favorite Rescue horse Bulletin Board, and on
it is an ad for Honey.  Her owners are moving and they have had to re home her.  Her owners found
Honey a great home at Hytyme Rescue.  But the thing is Honey is bored at the rescue ranch, she
isn't ready for retirement, she still wants attention.  So the rescue posts Honeys info. on the bb that
I frequent.   Honey was looking for a job.   I'm so excited I just can't believe it.

One of the rescues volunteers suggested I call or email Jim @ Hytyme, I thought ok, It can't hurt to
just let them know how I feel, maybe some money will fall from the sky and make this a real
possibility.   This was the email I sent to Jim:

Hi Jim,

I have been obsessing over Honey for days now.  I remember when she was available Thur cber
last year.  I had just adopted 3 TB's from Cber days before I saw her on the website.  When I saw she
was available again, I just about had a heart attack.

So with that said, I am thinking of adopting Honey.  Do you know much about the work that was done
with her over the last year?  If it worked out and I did adopt Honey I would like to be able have her
help me give lessons.  Honey would be my personal horse, but she would probably give 1 or 2
lessons a week.   How green is Honey?  Anything you can tell me would be helpful.  I have great
references.  Here is a link to my website, you can see pics of the facilities:
Michelle Buegeleisen

Next came a flurry of email's and phone calls.  I talked to Honeys original owner at length.  Then Jim
sent me this email:


We have all decided that you are definitely the place for Honey.   
Thanks to all !  Honey is a great horse, and deserves this.
- Jim

Honestly I felt like I won the lottery and tomorrow I get to cash in my winning ticket.  I love all
horses, every one of them, but every now and again, a really special horse comes along.  One that
just makes you weak in the legs, its allot like falling in love.  I have waited for this horse for allot
longer than just a year and a half.  This relationship has been in the making for at least 6 or 7 years.  
It signifies a whole new place in my life, I can't wait to see how it plays out.
Honey is here! She arrived this morning, I couldn't be happier.  She seems to be in good shape.  The
shipper said she hauled very quietly, her legs confirm this, no bumps, scrapes, or puffy spots.  She
was calm unloading and walking over to her temp. home - the round pen.  I had a bowl of squishy
mash with electrolytes and probiotics waiting.  She ate her mash, and sucked down the water.  I'll give
her some hay in a few hours when I sure all is well with her tummy, really just waiting for her first
poop, then she can eat.  Here are some pictures from this morning:
Below is a picture of Shadow, shes very
excited to see Honey.  Shadow has her
morning mash all over her lips.
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