February 4, 2010
Below is a recent photo of Dreamers teeth.  He is a real testament to old horses do not have to be
skinny.  Dreamers teeth are just terrible.  But he has no trouble staying in good weight on his all wet
His energy level and mobility are very good.  Hes been quite frisky every time I take him out to
play.  At 31+ years of age, Dreamer can run, slide to a stop, extend his trot, lay down, roll, and
pop back up quickly.  Everyday this old man impresses me, esp. when I remember, that just two
years ago, after a stroke, he looked like a walking croissant.  His recovery has been remarkable.
 I know that the mineral balanced diet has contributed greatly to his recovery, in more ways
than one.

The two photos immediately below are from November of 2009.
The photo below was taken in late January 2010