September 11, 2009

Cloudy getting a massage, his first here and most likely first ever.  He settled right into it, loved it.  Kat
Ripley - ,  is the massage therapist that we use, we love her and so do the horses.
You can also still see in these photos how "wonky" his hooves still were.  Between his hooves, his
arthritis, and his body pain, he was always standing, kind of funny.  
October 8, 2009
Cloud meets Honey.  I was praying this union would work, not only for them, but for me.  I am hoping
these two can become my trail riding pair.  It has turned out wonderfully, they adore each other, and
amazingly, Cloud is the boss, not something I would have guessed.
November 13, 2009
Cloud has been making great progress.  He is now walking soundly a good portion of the
time.  His hooves are changing shape quickly.  The visible ring bone in his right front can
no longer be seen, but it can be felt.  Hes been getting frequent trims, every 2 weeks or
so, hes been getting lots of massage, body work, and energy work to help get him back in
balance.  His progress is remarkable.

                         Cloud - page 3
August 18, 2009

Here are some photos of Clouds hooves, not long after he arrived.  Unfortunately I was in a hurry
and simply did not take great photos or enough, but you get an idea of how they looked.

Cloud definitely had a little laminitis going on when he arrived, a little heat, little pulses, tender.  
He was out on pasture for the last few weeks at his foster home.  Its wasn't terrible, and we were
able to head it off fairly fast with just a shift in feed.  Low sugar hay only for this boy.