The photos below are from November 23, 2009.  Aries was getting ready to blow an abscess out his
foundered hoof.  It took him about 72 hours from start to finish (well start of obvious symptoms, the
abscess it self was a long time coming) He blew two huge ones out his coronet band.  His relief was
immediate.  His hoof was sore for the next 24 hours but much better than when the abscesses were
brewing.  The exit sites are healing beautifully.

You can also see in the photos how his body is changing.  Hes put on weight, and even with the pain
of an abscessing hoof, his body is significantly more relaxed now.  His gut isn't all sucked up and his
muscles are more relaxed overall.
November 27, 2009
Xray Day with Dr. Steve Wood of Cotati Large Animal Hospital.  They show 50%
rotation of the coffin bone.  After his xrays,
Linda Cowles did a little work on
his foundered hoof.  
December 21, 2009
Below are a series of photos of his foundered hoof.  You can clearly see the
long wounds of the abscess exit sites.  They are each about 2 inches long.