November 2009

Aries arrived at our ranch at the beginning of November.  His dedicated person, Elizabeth, relocated to
the area so that Aries could live here at the ranch.   He is an 18 hand Percheron/Standardbred gelding.  
He is 17 years old.  He has been chronically foundered in his front left hoof for 2.5 years. He currently has
50% rotation of the coffin bone, per his most recent xrays taken in November of this year by Dr. Steve
Wood at Cotati Large Animal hospital.  

He was unable to eat hay for the last few years due to bouts diarrhea ranging from severe to mild.  When
he was on an all mash (wet) diet, his poop was OK.  To date he is eating about 18 pounds a day of
Bermuda pellets & beet pulp, all soaked to make a mash, and about 15 to 20 pounds of low sugar (6%) hay
that has been soaked and fed via a slow feed hay net.  We have worked up to this amount of hay over the
last 30 days.  He is doing amazingly well.    

His owner reports that he has had pretty bad skin allergies in the past, fly sensitivity and more.  

He has pretty bad thrush in 3 of his 4 hooves.  She is working at clearing this up.  Its easiest to work on
his hooves when he lays down for his nap in the early afternoon.

Aries was cribbing badly the first few weeks he was here, but that has finally stopped.  His discomfort
seems to be at a minimum.  I am hoping we can keep it there, or better yet, get rid of his discomfort all

Below are some photos from his first day here and then his first trim a couple of days later.
The photos below were taken on November 10, 2009,
just a few days after he arrived.